Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool # 8

Important things that I have learned so far...... 1. Must have CLEAR guidelines and SET expectations of how to use the devices. These guidelines must be taught at the beginning of school and revisited every 9 weeks. (Or on an as needed basis) 2. I tunes need to be installed on the devices so we can purchase apps for the kids to use. This all needs to be synced to my teacher laptop after I have completed downloading apps and content into the I tunes account. As well as keeping the devices up to date by syncing them through out the year when I upload new apps., podcasts etc. 3. I'm excited about the possibility about using web cams connected to the netbooks for students assignments and projects. I plan to manage our devices in our classrooms by building a respect for all technology devices. I hope to learn from the kids and allow them to take ownership of our devices, by caring for them making sure they are all put back where they belong. I would like to see the kids become "tech experts" and the experts would help each other to trouble shoot when problems arise. By feeling a sense of pride and ownership of our devices the kids will in turn care for our devices and feel more confident using them. Another idea is that my 3rd graders can teach the Kinder book buddies the proper use and care of tech devices. I believe they would be very excited to be the "teachers" and work together with their book buddy on a device.

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