Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool # 2

Tool #2

I read about 5 blogs, Malissa D., Emily B., Sally C. and several others. I love the way Sally C. words her blogs, very interesting to read. I agree with Malissa about this being a bit scary, so much information to learn. But, I believe when we are all through we will be experts at the world of technology!
I have to learn to share my thoughts publicly, I am a little scared of what others will think of what I say.  I think it is different than sharing my successes/challenges with my teammates because I get the immediate feedback that I need and we have an actual conversation.
I had a blog in my classroom that my students loved. I had them to the actual posting of the happenings in our classroom.  They loved being able  to do that.
I do believe that we can learn from each other by reading their blogs.
A great site is Discovery Education, there are lots of videos that you can use while teaching and the kids love them.

I use Discovery Education weekly in my classroom.  Check out the site.Science Teacher

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