Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool # 3

June 18,2018 Volcanoes Erupting Here is a video that I could show when we start teaching landforms. It shows a volcano erupting in Hawaii. Here is a reading video that I like to use at the beginning of the year. It is the Black Eye Pea song, I Gotta A Feeling. A school of middle school kids put their own words to this song. Gotta Keep Reading. I love the way they changed the words to fit reading. I play this at the end of the day at the beginning of the year. The kids LOVE it! th June 18,2012 Copyright and Fair Use Fair use has to do with the purpose and amount of use of materials and effects on potential markets. It also has to do with the nature that I use the materials for. I also learned transformativeness, which adds value and purpose to what I am using my copyrighted material for. I also learned that it is very important to give credit to the sources from which I acquired the copyrighted material. DropBox I created a dropbox folder for reading, in which I downloaded several of our 3rd grade flipcharts having to do with reading. I am going put a non fiction flipchart in this box, so the kids will be able to access this chart from any device,(which has activ inspire) via the dropbox website. This will enable the kids to look at the information about non-fiction texts at any time that we are studying without my having to pull it up on the activboard.

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