Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tool # 4

Post # 4 I just finished Tool # 4, using a beginning of the year letter I send home to parents the first week of school. I can use many different Google apps with my students and with my team. It will be so easy to share different documents within my team using this google doc. app. Instead of e mailing it around to the team, we can just post it in the google doc. and we will be able to view and change it easily if needed. The children can use this google app by making a quiz with their book clubs and working on it together. I can make up a quiz for the kids on different subjects and share it with them as a workstation. The children will be able to open up google docs at home to review the questions for a test or quiz, or to share what is going on in our classroom. I think that I am most excited to use the google doc app in my classroom. I believe the kids will love being able to go on to the computers to answer questions or review what we have done in class.

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