Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool # 11 (YEAH)

1. What are your favorite tools you now have in your personal technology toolbox? Briefly describe a particular activity that you will plan for your students using at least one of these new tools. I love the new apps that I have learned about. Bamboo paper is pretty neat. Storybird is a fun one too. I think one of my favorites has been the EDUCERATIONS app. I am excited to see our Ipads turn into whiteboards! I plan on solving a math word problem and recording step by step directions so that the kids can take it to their seats during independent work time or take it home for homework help. Pretty cool! Also we can ....put teacher lessons on the web so students can watch them before and after class Showcase video tutorials Add commentary to the water cycle or other social studies models and Diagram a sentence 2. How have you transformed your thinking about the learning that will take place in your classroom? How has your vision for your classroom changed? Are you going to need to make any changes to your classroom to accommodate the 21st Century learner? I am starting to feel more comfortable about using different online tools and apps in my room. I know I still have LOTS to learn. I think I am way more comfortable in expanding my lessons using tech devices. I need to take the time to really learn how to utilize each tool in my room and with my kids, so we are all confident in what we are doing! SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE! I feel more comfortable using technology in my classroom. I am excited to really, really learn how to use all the various tools with my kids, and to use them well. I will take the time to really set up all my new devices in my classroom, making them as accessible as possible for all children to use. The charging station will keep the devices charged at all times, as long as we go over in detail the proper handling of each device. 3. Were there any unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? Yes, there is just SO MUCH out there they we are able to use in our classrooms. The kids get excited about learning when we use technology! I hope to use a couple tools a month and really learn the proper way to use them, teaching each child about that tool and all they will be able to accomplish! IT is a big world out there!!

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  1. Congratulations, Barbara! You worked hard on these tools! Your reflections were well thought out and I loved the collaboration you guys have going in that amazing strong third grade team!